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Dedicated corrosionists visit Ionode in Brisbane.

– Wayne Thompson

Ionode is a unique company manufacturing a very important piece of equipment in daily use around the world in the fight against corrosion.

Ionode has been manufacturing pH probes since 1972. The range was awe inspiring with small, yet robust units being manufactured at the Tennyson, QLD facility. The general manager, Brian Eather and R&D manager Victor Qu took the ACA visitors through a brief presentation of the process. Then they were treated to a rare look inside the facility.

The pH probe is made of some unique materials; a conductible glass compound is formulated and moulded in the ovens to end up with a resistivity of between 10-1000 ohms. The glass then goes through an annealing process post moulding.

An automated Ag/AgCl coating machine buzzed away in the background. This machine deposits the coating on the electrode in precise quantities. Brian pointed out that the probes are manufactured for a variety of different purposes for; pool dosing systems, industrial processes, oil and gas process systems and they even manufacture probes for abattoirs. Apparently, as meat ages, it changes pH.

With the probes able to measure up to two decimal points accuracy, they are perfect for quality conscious food safety managers. Ionode also distributes much-associated equipment and are increasingly selling their probes to export markets.

In all, it was an informative visit to one of Australia’s innovative manufacturers. The chair of the day, Phil Harrison, thanked Brian and his team for the effort they put in to host the ACA members.


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