On Tuesday the 27th October, the Queensland ACA branch held a stripping demonstration with ACR Tech.  Fortunately the demonstration was of the technical kind, not the socially questionable kind. IPCQ hosted the event, where the process of induction stripping was described and demonstrated. The process works by breaking the coating / steel substrate bond with targeted heat, generated by the induction process. There are a number of benefits to this technology, including time saving, material saving (no blast garnet is required), not to mention the HSE benefits of multiple operations being able to work on the site whilst the coating removal is undertaken. Jim from ACR Tech demonstrated the technology on a number of different coating systems from high build epoxy coatings to epoxy intumescents. The Team of Luke Emery and Daryl Mears at IPCQ had also prepared a coated pipe on which the ACR Tech equipment was demonstrated. The subsequent coating removal left a clean substrate, requiring minimal preparation prior to recoat. The technology has been around for several years but is fast gaining momentum as a viable and clean solution to coating material removal. 

Thanks to the teams at ACR Tech and IPCQ for their contributions to this event, and to all our attendees for joining us on the day. 

Event Photos


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