CUI can be extremely difficult to detect, with insulation and cladding often masking corrosion and traditional methods, such as visual inspection through the removal of cladding and insulation can be time-consuming. Often the true extent of corrosion is not realised until too late, incurring substantial costs and productivity losses for operators. Radiography offers a safe, timely and cost-effective solution for the detection of CUI. The Oil and Gas Technical group of the ACA were fortunate to be joined by John Forlani (KAEFER Integrated Services) who shared some of his expertise with this method with us and discussed some of the key benefits of RT Radiography.


John Forlani – Technical & Innovation Manager –  KAEFER Integrated Services

John Forlani has over 30 years’ industry experience, over which time he has gained significant experience in automation, machinery and production optimization. He is currently Technical and Innovation Manager at KAEFER Integrated Services, where he is responsible for innovation and process improvement at KAEFER in the Asia-Pacific region. In this role, John regularly collaborates with KAEFFER’s Innovation and Technical Excellence Department in Bremen, Germany.


This webinar was run by the ACA’s Oil and Gas Technical Group as part of their ongoing CUI Best Practice Project and so it is made freely available to all interested parties.


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