According to research at the University of Alberta rust has been found 555 kilometres below the Earth’s surface, highly oxidized iron, similar to the rust we see on our planet’s surface, within garnets found within diamonds has been found.

The result surprised geoscientists around the globe because there is little opportunity for iron to become so highly oxidized deep below the Earth’s surface.

In an update was posted on the 23rd of January to  it is suggested that something oxidized the rocks in which the superdeep diamonds were founds. The scientists suspect that it was molten carbonate, carried to these great depths in sinking slabs of ancient sea floor.

“It’s exciting to find evidence of such profound oxidation taking place deep inside the Earth,” said Stachel, Canada Research Chair in diamonds.

The study also has implications for understanding the global carbon cycle that involves the transport of surface carbon back into the Earth’s mantle

Interesting discussion is sparked in the scientific community

Press Release

Rust Under Pressure: Carnegie Institution for Science



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