This year we have developed an ACA ECAL service for all our branches. ECAL is a calendar integration service that will let you stay up to date with all your local branch events, by automatically adding and updating them in your preferred digital calendar. When an event is listed on the ACA website we will either update the existing calendar event or add an event to the calendar with a link to the event page on the ACA website. You can then access the page by simply clicking on the link in your calendar.

A Few Things To Note

Event times, dates and venues are subject to change.
The calendar will update live, so events will be added as they are planned by your branch as the year progresses.

These changes and additions will NOT trigger any announcement or update in your calendar.

Please be sure to follow the link and remember to register for events if you plan on attending.

Please note, Technical Group Events are not added to the calendar, only branch events, the Head Office Opening event and Corrosion and Prevention 2020. So please stay tuned to the ACA website and E-mail updates for information on the technical events.

If you have a vested interest in multiple branches, on the landing page (picture below) you may select as many branches as you like, to have the events from multiple branches added to your calendar. If you travel frequently between New South Wales and South Australia for example, selecting both branches will add both sets of branch events. If you do add multiple branches, the Head Office Opening Event and Corrosion and Prevention 2020, will duplicate in your calendar, you can simply delete any duplicates.

Some organisations may restrict third party services from making calendar changes, if this is the case, you will need to speak to a network administrator/ your IT department about permitting access. This is not something we can change from our end.

Once you sign up, if you head to the 28th of February in your calendar, you should see the ACA Head Office Grand Opening + VIC Branch/YCG BBQ event, to confirm the sync has worked.

If you don’t like the ECAL service, you can delete the calendar at any time.


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