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Most customers know Syntech as a supplier of quality Abrasive Blasting Equipment and consumables aimed at the Surface Finishing market. 

In 2014 Syntech became an agent for Graco’s industrial spray coating, lubrication and vapour blasting products in New Zealand. What is truly remarkable is how Syntech has gone from strength to strength in the development of this agency. 

As with most industrial equipment, there comes a time when servicing and repair is required. In the last year, Syntech has upgraded the existing Graco servicing process with a dedicated servicing centre allowing an easy drop-off and pickup point for your Graco equipment. Syntech can not only supply you with the latest Graco equipment, but they can keep it running like the day you brought it. 

Martin Whelan, or Marty, is Syntech’s prime contact for Graco Servicing in Auckland. Marty has been with Syntech for many years and is a technical expert who has a systematic approach when it comes to disassembling and reassembling a Graco product.

Marty provides a prompt service you can depend on and is happy to guide customers through the process of repair as well as offer his knowledge in the correct use and setup of Graco equipment.

If you would you would like to know more about our Graco range or would like your equipment serviced.

Contact Marty at martin@syntechnz.com

Call 09 820 2121



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