Some ACA Resources are available to members only providing useful information in the form of conference papers, technical articles, case studies, member profiles and more.

Conference Proceedings:

Published papers from past ACA  conferences stretching back to 1988 can be searched online, free to members, or purchased by non-members

Corrosion Challenges Report:

In 2010 the ACA produced a report on the impact of the failure of infrastructure assets through corrosion as a result of current practices and skilling in the Australian mainland urban water and Naval defence sectors.

Inorganic Zinc Coatings Technical Publication – 2nd Edition:

This publication includes a variety of papers including a copy of Nightingall’s original Australian patent. While the papers concentrate on inorganic zinc silicate (IZS) coatings, some branch into related subjects such as galvanising and epoxy zincs and issues such as the performance of top coats over zinc coatings.



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