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In this short, 30 minute webinar, we hear from a new technician in the industry, Nicholas Raffaele from Mondo. Nicholas, being only a few months into has a unique perspective of a newcomer, but already has a great foundation of technical knowledge. Nicholas discusses a recent project undertaken about Nickel-Cadmium battery testing and refurbishment for pipeline protection. There will be a Q&A after his presentation too.


Nicholas Raffaele

Nicholas Raffaele is a recent Master of Chemical Engineering graduate and has been in the corrosion industry for a very short period of 6 months. Previously working as a petrochemical chemist for 6 years, Nicholas has developed a number of transferrable skills for my current role as a CP tech, where he’s been on a steep learning curve at Mondo beginning to understand the fundamental aspects of CP. Nicholas has been fortunate enough to work on a number of projects in different fields including the NiCd battery program. AusNet employs the services of Mondo CP to undergo it’s 5 yearly Nickel Cadmium Battery Testing and Refurbishment program. During this presentation Nicholas will be speaking about some of the technical aspects of the batteries, their function and use within CP as well as the way in which Mondo has facilitated the testing to ensure all batteries in the field are fit-for-purpose.

Our Featured Partner

Universal Corrosion Coatings (UCC) are the feature partner for this event. The Victorian Branch would like to thank them for their support and interest in our branch activities. We couldn’t do these without you. As a feature partner UCC will get the opportunity to do a 5 minute run down on their products and services which will be a 5 minute interesting addition to this event.

UCC provide solutions to corrosion and material degradation issues across the Oil and Gas, Water, Energy, Marine, Mineral Processing and Civil Infrastructure sectors. UCC are uniquely innovative when it comes to solving corrosion and material degradation problems associated with infrastructure assets. This innovation is borne out of specific experience in this field and a passion for delivering unsurpassed service to their clients.


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