The Key to Success and Preventing Avoidable Failures

The third and final of the ACA and ACRA series of joint webinar presentations on Silicosis and its prevention.

Adequate surface preparation is the key to successful concrete repair and concrete protection projects. Inadequate surface preparation often leads to the failure of the repair or coating necessitating further re-work, incurring added expense, facility operational downtime and compromised integrity of the remediation and protection works.


Mike Rutherford – Conspectus Pty Ltd

Mike is the Principal of Conspectus (QLD) Pty Ltd, an independent consulting company providing specialised asset maintenance engineering and asset management support services.

Mike has in excess of 35 years’ experience in concrete remediation and protection gained through product development and marketing, contracting and consultancy positions and currently holds positions with ACRA Queensland Sub-branch Committee and the ACA Applicator Technical Group and is an active ACRA Board Member. Industry Corporate and Individual Memberships are held with ACRA, ACA, CIA, NACE, SSPC


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