Just an update for the Coffee meeting held yesterday at Easts Leagues Club – Thursday 29.2.24 at 10.30 am.

It was great to see some new faces come along to our group whom we had not seen for a while. Also it was great to catch up with old friends who we have known for MANY YEARS.

Great to see Geoff Will from The Sunshine Coast and Geoff White from Akzo Nobel – all the way from Toowoomba. Especially happy to catch up with a long standing friend – Christien Ianna who always has lots of interest things to talk about due to her diverse avenues of restoration and preservation projects she has participated in over the many years we have all known her.

The OCG (Rusty Nuts) group has grown to almost 30 members and partners now and we look forward to inviting some young corrosion group members along to hear about the diverse range of areas of interest our elders have participated in over the past 50 + years.


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