“Fell” into Corrosion via a research masters after completing a Metallurgical Engineering Degree and similarly fell into a cathodic protection job and have worked on gaining as much experience as possible.  Cathodic protection is not easily taught from a book, it almost entirely comes from practical hands-on experiences.

Corrosion to me is a job. The complexity of corrosion means that often the solution is complex, but sometimes the solution is simple.  Pipeline cathodic protection has provided me with a vocation that I enjoy, particularly being able to get out in the field. Cathodic protection requires the application of cause-and-effect logic and lots of hands-on experience.

Master of Engineering Science

Notable achievements:

  •  ACA Technologist
  • AMPP CP Specialist

Areas of expertise:

  • Cathodic Protection
  • Pipeline
  • Solar Power
  • AMPP Cathodic Protection Lecturer
  • Engineers Australia
  • AMPP
  • BPEQ


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