Geoffrey White has had a decorated history in the corrosion industry.

With multiple certificates in a multitude types of corrosion.

He had also published a paper recently at the Corrosion & Prevention 2023 detailing about Mechanical Surface Preparation Standards for Maintenance Coating.

Currently teaching AMPP Coating Inspector Program courses.

Bachelors Degree

Notable achievements:

  • Cadetship with Spartan Paints. Joined the DIMET Company in 1980.
  • AMPP Certified Coating Inspector – Level 3: # 8427
  • NACE Protective Coatings Specialist: No. S-2011023256
  • FROSIO Inspector Level 111 # 4911
  • ACA Certified Coating Inspector # 75
  • ACA Certified Corrosion Technologist # 182
  • AMPP Lead Instructor.

Areas of expertise:

  • Geoff has been working in the surface coatings industry for over 44 years.  He is a Project Manager with coating specification, inspection, and coating failure analysis with field experience in various surface preparation techniques and application methods for many types of protective coatings.
  • Geoff is an AMPP Certified Coating Inspector Level 3, a Level 3 FROSIO Coating Inspector, an SSPC Protective Coating Specialist, Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) Certified Corrosion Technologist, with Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) accreditation as a Responsible Person for Industrial Lead Paint Management.
  • Geoff works for International Paint as a Technical Specialist.
  • AMPP Coating Inspector Program Lecturer
  • AMPP
  • ACA


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