Started my career as a coatings applicator in early 1990 and then progressed through various supervisory and sales related roles with several contracting companies to then become a technical support engineer. Continued training with SSPC / NACE / ACA / CorrSA / ICCorr and other academic institutions to further knowledge and skills and then become an instructor and currently working as a Principal Consulting Engineer for Corrosion / Coatings / Materials.


  • Masters Degree in Science
  • Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration

Notable Achievements

  • Lead Lecturer for AMPP courses
  • Past Director for ACA

Areas of expertise

  • Protective coating application, selection, inspection and failure analysis
  • Material selection, corrosion modelling and non-metallics
  • AMPP Coating Inspector Program Lecturer CIP
  • AMPP Concrete Coating Inspector CCI
  • AMPP Offshore Corrosion Assessment Technician O-CAT
  • AMPP Craftworker C6/C7/C12
  • ACA GAA Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Program HDG
  • Materials Australia
  • IMMM
  • ASM
  • AMPP


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