Started some 22 years ago as a young engineer in a design department of a large shipyard. After few years moved to an oil & gas construction company as a Cathodic Protection engineer. This is where I started my CP journey doing all sorts of work ranging from FEA CP simulations to CP installations on site, including anode casting supervision. After achieving all 4 NACE/AMPP CP certifications and after 8 years, I decided to move to Australia working for an oil & gas service consulting Company where I spent the last 12 years.

Notable achievements:

  • Introducing alternative way to manage ICCP system with >500 failed isolating flanges for a large LNG plant resulting in >20M$ opex savings.
  • Wrote simulation software for LFI prediction on pipelines and simulations of CP effects for well casings downhole.

Areas of expertise: Cathodic Protection both impressed current and sacrificial in all sorts of electrolytes, well casings CP, offshore and onshore pipelines CP, platform jackets CP, concrete CP, FEA CP simulations, AC interference simulations (LFI), DCVG.

  • AMPP Cathodic Protection Lecturer
  • Materials Australia


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