Justin Rigby is the Principal at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).
Remedy Asset Protection is a corporate member of both the Australasian Corrosion Associations (ACA) and Australasian Concrete Repair and Remedial Building Association (ACRA) and is a NATA accredited consultancy for Clients that require specialists in protection or refurbishment of concrete and steel assets to provide expert assistance within their own team structures, including condition assessment, project advisory and independent auditing including coating inspection services.

“For me corrosion has a twofold appeal. One being like a murder mystery. For instance, corrosion is like looking at the crime scene and I provide an investigation of the cause. Secondly, in achieving long term durability I’m often specifying a remedy and collaborating with field teams to ensure successful project delivery. Lets just say, I’m the boring guy at the dinner party unless you’re a nerd too.”

“Justin has extensive experience in the corrosion protection industry developed over 28 years and is a board member for the Australasian Concrete Repair and Remedial Building Association Limited’s (ACRA).
Justin is an AMPP CIP and AMPP CUI lecturer, AMPP Certified Corrosion Technologist, Icorr Level 3 inspector, DoT Level 2 Bridge Inspector and serves as Chairperson of the Australasian Corrosion Associations (ACA) Coatings Technical Groups. Justin also serves on various Standards committees in Australia and internationally.
Justin has authored a number of papers for publication in prestigious journals and has presented at international conferences and Australia with regard to protection of concrete and steel using coatings technologies. ”

Justin’s area of expertise includes consulting and inspection for concrete repair and steel protection. Providing durability assessments on protection systems including lifecycle cost analysis and sustainability reports.

  • AMPP Coating Inspector Lecturer
  • AMPP Corrosion Under Insulation Lecturer
  • AMPP Craftworker Series C6, C7 & C12 Lecturer
  • AMPP Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Trainer
  • ACRA
  • CIA
  • ASM
  • ICRI
  • AMPP


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