Kat Coronado currently works as a Technical Support Manager at International Paint and has interest in chemistry and shares his experience and knowledge in his Corrosion Under Insulation courses offered at the ACA.

Kat has spent his entire working career in the Coatings Field. Started as a bench chemist and worked several years in the lab before going into manufacturing as Superintendent of Manufacturing of liquid paints, powder coatings and resins before going to work for an applicator of liquid and powder coatings for oil field tubulars.

He then branched into the coating inspection field working on land and offshore projects from Africa to South America.

Kat has been a Technical Support Manager for the past 17 years providing internal and external customers with coatings and linings recommendations and technical advice.

Kat has been an active member of NACE and SSPC (now AMPP) since 1982 and has served on many technical committees. He has Chaired many symposia, TEGs, TGs and has served as Chair of STG 02 and STG 04 and is a member of the NACE/SSPC Ad Hoc Committee. He has also served as C1 Technology Coordinator, RPC Chair, TCC Chair and AMPP TPC Chair.

Kat holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Houston, as well as Post Graduate studies on Polymer Chemistry at U of H. He is also a CIP Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector, Certified Protective Coating Specialist and NACE instructor for PCS, S-CAT, O-CAT, C1 and C2 and MCT and CUI and Basic Corrosion courses.


  • BS Chemistry
  • Post Baccalaureate
  • Chemisty
  • AMPP Corrosion Under Insulation Lecturer
  • AMPP


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