Having a Science Degree in chemistry I fell into the corrosion industry as a trainee corrosion engineer. Starting with the ACA coating inspectors’ course and inspecting coating moving on to asset corrosion condition assessments on a wide variety of plant and equipment (mining, processing, power, oil and gas and defence). I attended many ACA and NACE courses, became highly involved in the industry and association built a network of connections specialising in corrosion, coatings and repair for over 20 years. Using technical knowledge and practical experience to provide robust achievable outcomes. I completed a Master’s in Marine Engineering and did continuous professional development throughout my career. Industry involvement led to opportunities on the ACA board and lecturing for NACE/AMPP. Having worked as a consultant and for the asset owners has provided a well-rounded experience and understanding of assets and their lifecycle.

Notable achievements:

  • Was the youngest CIP3 in Australia in 2003
  • Only CP and CIP Australian Lecturer
  • ACA Board member for 8 years

Areas of expertise: Remediation of structures, asset surveys and inspections, failure analysis, durability assessment and planning, concrete repair, storage tanks (concrete and steel), coating specifications, coating inspections, cathodic protection, welding / NDT.

  • AMPP Cathodic Protection Lecturer
  • AMPP Coating Inspector Program Lecturer
  • AMPP
  • ACA


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