Matthew entered the coatings industry in the early 2000’s through his father Hal Burkett, a long-time certified coating inspector, initially under the ACA’ Coating Inspector program, then NACE’, now called AMPP. Matthew attained AMPP Senior Coatings Inspector (Formerly NACE Certified Coatings Inspector Level 3 status in 2009, and later CIP instructor status in 2013.

It is the irresistible force of nature that we must combat through good specification, meaningful training and thorough and honest inspection of surface preparation and coating application activities.


  • Year 10

Notable Achievements

  • AMPP Senior Certified Coatings Inspector Level 3 CIP No. 17648
  • ACA Coatings Selection & Specification – Certificate 6116
  • ACA/ACRA Corrosion & Protection of Reinforced Concrete – Certificate 6051
  • Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment – Certificate 5190882
  • Cert III Surface Preparation and Coating – Certificate C1073458
  • ICORR Galvanising Inspector Level 2
  • ICORR Fire Proofing Inspector Level 2
  • ICORR Insulation Inspector Level 2
  • Painter and Decorator – Trade papers (1988)
  • Registered Painter No. 3508 (1989)

Areas of Expertise

  • Full time coatings inspector covering all aspects of liquid and non-liquid coatings, powder coatings, tapes, linings and architectural coatings.
  • AMPP Coating Inspector Program Lecturer


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