Sarah is a materials and corrosion specialist with a broad knowledge of the properties and typical deterioration mechanisms of many metallic and non-metallic materials. She has specific experience in durability planning for new infrastructure, condition assessment and rehabilitation of aged infrastructure, performance assessments of materials and protective coatings, materials selection, specification of protective coatings, failure analysis and cathodic protection design. She has conducted audits and provided recommendations for corrosion control at water & wastewater facilities, power stations, mineral processing facilities at gold and copper mines, on submarines, marine structures and heritage listed structures. During her career she has designed cathodic protection systems as part of corrosion control strategies for gas, fuel and water pipelines, tank bases (external), structural foundations, marine wharves and sheet piling, process tanks (internal), bridges and fire water systems.

Academic Achievements

  • University of Manchester – Institute of Science and Technology (Corrosion Engineering)

Areas of Expertise

  • Technical Director Advanced Materials
  • ACA ACRA Concrete Structures & Buildings Lecturer
  • ACRA


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