Began as a cadet metallurgist with ETRS doing all forms of NDT as well as mechanical testing. Later joined Wilson Walton International as a young corrosion engineer.
Over 53 years of work in the corrosion industry.

Later with two partners purchased the WWI Australia company grew to a staff of 30+ across three offices. Sold the business to Corrpro Inc (USA) 1998. Started Anode Engineering in 2000 as a family company operating from a Brisbane office servicing all of Australia & NZ.

Purchased Lordco NZ in 2004.

Notable achievements:

  • Was co-author to ACA CPM & ACP courses initially. Also have been International Relations director in the OLD ACA board and visited NACE (AMPP) 34 times.
  • In follow up to David Whitby, I also began negotiations with NACE to licence NACE courses in the ACA market.
  • Have been involved in designs for Cp of marine, pipeline and water /waste water structures for more than 50 years.
  • Worked with Joh Mulvaney (GCPS) in the Australian invention of DCVG test methodology and test equipment that is now recognised internationally.
  • The MOST satisfying achievement was delivering three CPM courses in PNG (in Pidgeon English).

Areas of expertise: Cathodic Protection of Ships, ships tanks, smaller vessels, wharves & Jetties, oil/gas/water and other petrochemical pipelines.

  • AMPP Cathodic Protection Lecturer
  • APGA & WCO
  • Marine Surveyors Association


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