Self paced, completed three to eight hours each for each course.

The courses are as follows:
– A102: MIC and Corrosion Management Systems
– A103: Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment
– A104: Fundamentals of MIC Mitigations
– A105: Fundamentals of MIC Monitoring


Online – Self paced


– Self-assessment quiz
– Online exam


– Digital course materials for one year following registration
– Email access to lecturers through course duration for course-related queries




  • Introduction to corrosion management systems (CMS)
  • Standards and guidelines around corrosion management, including degradation mechanisms
  • Introduction to the role of MIC in CMS and specific considerations
  • Corrosion threat assessment
  • Data collection, integration, and analysis
  • MIC decision-making processes based on outcomes
  • Asset design, including materials selection, physical cleaning, and chemical treatment methods
  • Types of MIC monitoring tools
  • Applying molecular methods for MIC monitoring
  • Data analysis and decision making, including case studies for reference

Course Breakdown

A102: MIC and Corrosion Management Systems 

This is an excellent introduction point for MIC and how it relates to Corrosion Management Systems. By understanding these two distinct principle, a student of MIC can develop their knowledge and skills around MIC Threat Assessment, MIC Mitigation, and MIC Monitoring.

Through the implementation of standards and guidelines to support asset integrity, this course provides clarification on how to outline and develop a CMS using data to enact better corrosion management strategy.

A103: Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment 

The Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment course introduces how to correctly assess a MIC threat, including the type of data required to hold an assessment. The capacity to identify key abiotic corrosion mechanisms and the impact on corrosion management system.

A104: Fundamentals of MIC Mitigation 

This course introduces mitigation measures into MIC management. Student learns to develop a strategy of mitigation based on the data they procured. Providing awareness for deciding how to test and make knowledgeable mitigation decisions.

A105: Fundamentals of MIC Monitoring 

This course introduces the final part of the MIC offering, complementing corrosion management systems, MIC threat assessment, and MIC mitigation. Without monitoring, it is difficult to determine whether prior measures have maintained their effectiveness. The final of the four courses ties into all MIC knowledge into comprehensive understanding of combatting MIC.

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