The ACA Coating Selection & Specification (CSS) course provides theoretical and practical information on coatings selection for corrosion control and guidelines for writing a paint coating specification.

Who should attend

Coatings personnel, such as Managers, Manufacturers, Specifiers, Inspectors or anyone interested in gaining a basic understanding of coatings selection and specifications.

DURATION: 3 days

METHOD: Lecture format

ASSESSMENT: Examination


  • All course materials
  • Full catering
  • Examination materials
    • The exam is a written submission by the student to providing specifications based on the principles and topics covered in the course.
    • It is an open book where any reference materials can be used for the submission to the course.
    • It is to be submitted within 4 weeks from the course end date.
    • The written submission should not be any longer than 4 pages.


Course Highlights

  • Determine the corrosivity of an atmospheric environment.
  • Identify the design and fabrication features of steel structures which influence coating durability.
  • Recognise the different types of paint coatings, their properties and where they are used.
  • Choose the optimum paint coating system for structural steel from those described in AS/NZS 2312 Part 1 Table 6.3.
  • Calculate the most economic coating protection system.
  • Distinguish between the key features of coating systems for non-atmospheric environments covered in AS/NZS 2312 Part 1 Appendix C.
  • Explain the methods and means for ensuring that materials and contractors will provide a quality coating job.
  • Plan and prepare a paint coating specification.

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