10th July 2019

The Australasian Corrosion Association (Victoria Branch) had a ‘Corrosion Protection Trade Night’ at Oaks on Collins.

There were 20 of the major suppliers and applicators of the Corrosion Protection/Coatings industry who were exhibiting and were available to answer questions on corrosion issues including coatings, painting, choosing the right system for your environment. There were also exhibitors that displayed high tech electronic monitoring equipment etc.

Registrants included Architects, Engineers, Structural Engineers, Marine Engineers, Asset Managers, Port Engineers, Bridge Maintenance Managers, Building Managers, Heritage Structure Engineers, Plant Engineers, Consulting Engineers, etc.

The trade night was an excellent opportunity to network with the
corrosion protection/coatings industry to find out who’s who and who to contact
for your future coating requirements.

There was plenty of food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you at the next ACA trade show day.


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