Event Summary

We are excited to announce our Round Table Conference, a premier event of our Victoria Branch, that has remained a tradition of over 60 years. The event brings a highly engaging and inspiring keynote speakerTracey Gramlick from Standards Australia.

This year’s event will be held in Arthur’s Bar at Duke of Wellington hotel on Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Tickets include a two-course meal and drinks (beer, wine, soft drink and juice). Food is designed to be served ‘family style’ shared in the center of the table to evoke conversation and offer more choices during the meal.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 22nd August 2024

Time: 6.00pm

Venue: Arthur’s Bar at the Duke of Wellington, Melbourne CBD


Tracey Gramlick.png

Tracey Gramlick

Chair of the board of Standards Australia, chair of the Industry Advisory Board for Macquarie University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, and remains the liaison between the National Building Products Coalition and CSIRO.

Presentation: Same, Same but Different….

Tracey will take you on her journey that started with her early career passion in corrosion when working with Alcan International and how it remained a common theme throughout her work life. Across R&D, manufacturing, product liability, departmental management and expert witnessing roles with trucks, planes and ships, and onto windows, curtainwalls and glazing, culminating with protective coating on roads and high voltage towers and painting the Sydney harbour bridge.


  • Registrations close Thursday 15th August at 3.00pm


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