On July 15th 2021, the Australian Electrolysis Committee met for the 88th time to host a hybrid version of the biannual meeting from the ACA Head Office in Preston. While the impending fifth VIC Lockdown and the ongoing lockdown in NSW meant that our in person attendees were very limited we had a great turn out online of over 65 attendees, who joined us to hear from our bill of guest speakers and join in some fantastic conversations online.

We’d like to thank our days presenters, AEC Chair Bruce Ackland, Ramon Salazar, Candice Blackney and John Everton, Rajko Vukcevic, Mike Tan, Bob Varela and Jim Hickey for taking the time to share their expertise, Richard Brodribb and Julie-Anne Latham of the ACA VIC Branch for organising our Panelist Forum, AEC Secretary Alireza Kouklan for his efforts in organising the meeting and all of our guests for joining us and ensuring the day was a great success.

Special thanks to Jim Hickey for providing The NSW Electrolysis Committee’s Revised Red Book, the focus of his presentation, with ACA Members, you can find it here.

If you’d like to catch up on any presentations from the day, they’ve all been added to the ACA’s webinar library and can be accessed free for ACA members.

Webinar Recordings

Event Photos


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