Justin Rigby, Chairman of the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) Applicator Technical Group (ATG) has been working closely with BlastOne’s Mirza Kozarcanin – National Marketing Manager to establish a 3-year sponsorship of the ATG and partnership with the ACA.

“This deal is ground breaking and with the support of BlastOne, it establishes a framework for the ATG to deliver a potential value of $355,000 directed to our ACA applicator community. Applicators can join our social media platforms to stay connected with each other and hear about upcoming business opportunities.”

Justin Rigby

Justin Rigby and

The overall mission is to provide those who work in our industries with a career identity and pathway and to further train and retain applicators, through:

  • Employment passport – building a database of applicators where their credentials can be stored, pro-forma resumes can be printed and those on the database can nominate as ’employed’ or ‘looking for work’
  • Financial assistance – by providing three Applicator Field Days at the ACA’s annual conference, including displays and demonstrations
  • Social Media marketing – growing our Applicator community through the LinkedIn and Facebook channels
  • Branding strategy – building an image for Applicator trades staff to identify with.

BlastOne will also work closely with the ACA to establish a training module for Certificate III compliant applicator training, to help further educate and grow the Applicator sector.

“The ACA welcomes the support of BlastOne of its Applicator Technical Group and sees a strong partnership forming for mutual benefit. The applicator community is one of ACA’s key membership segments and the support of BlastOne will bring forward the growth and technical capability of this important industry sector,” said Richard Reilly, ACA chief executive.

The ACA thanks BlastOne for its contributions to and support of the ACA Applicator Technical Group, and contributing to the assistance required to drive growth, expand training offerings relevant to the industry and advocate for the value of corrosion prevention and management.Follow the ATG journey and keep up with opportunities for trade staff on https://www.facebook.com/applicatorTG/

Major Sponsor

Blast One


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