In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the ACA has been hosting a series of webinars in the place of our regular events calendar. Hopefully, you’ve all had the chance to tune in at some point during your time in lockdown. If there was a webinar that you missed or one that you attended which you’d like to revisit, we’re pleased to announce that all our past webinar recordings can now be viewed on the ACA website.

As long as you’re signed in to the website you can find the webinar recordings under the Resources menu.

Please note that the uploading of webinars is dependent on the permission of our presenters, so we cannot guarantee that all future webinars will be uploaded. Joining a webinar live, like today’s Copper Based Antifoulings on Aluminium Marine Vessels – with Ted Riding (Jotun), or next week’s Cathodic Protection Seminar – May Corrosion Spectacular, is still the best way to ensure you don’t miss out and get all your burning questions answered.


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