The AICIP announces launch of new website

The Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP) is delighted to announce the launch of its new website. Easy to navigate and more user-friendly, the redesigned website includes a wealth of information to support inspectors, candidates and all end users of pressure equipment in Australasia.

The new AICIP website not only boasts a more user-friendly and mobile optimised design, but it also contains, even more, content to support the industry. The relaunched website includes a number of new sections including; specific information for inspectors, examiners and invigilators.

In the new Learning Management System, candidates will be able to complete examinations online. The online security has been strengthened so we can conduct exams online and all the personal details of candidates and inspectors are protected. Exams will continue to be conducted in compliance with ISO 17024. The LMS will be live by December 15, 2017.

AICIP remains focused on raising the awareness of the industry within Australasia as well as promoting best practice and safety in the pressure equipment sector.

To learn more about AICIP visit the newly relaunched website today!


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