An ACA Board meeting was held on Saturday 19th August 2017 in Melbourne. Below is a meeting summary from Chair Dean Wall

ACA’s new Sales & BDM Ross Boucher has settled well into his role and delivered a summary of his sales & marketing plan to the Board. Ross is in current discussions with various organisations regarding in house training and will now start to visit ACA members and industry to raise the profile on the ACA.

Wesley Fawaz and I recently met with TAFE NSW to discuss a potential formal relationship to support the Certificate III in Surface Preparation & Coating Application and discussions have also started with the Asset Management Council regarding a joint training course on how corrosion mitigation fits in with ISO 55000.

Financial performance to date this year is on budget and we are now forecasting a better year than budgeted at year end, although this is still predicated to be a negative position. A consultation paper to consolidate Branch funds will be distributed to the Branches in September and discussed further during the Council meeting in November.

A review of the membership structure was discussed including the new wording of the intangible benefits of membership and a new value proposition statement ‘Learn & Connect to Protect Against Corrosion’. Potential changes to the benefits package and a new corporate level were raised and will be further discussed by the Board by year end.

New governance documents were approved including a new Delegations of Authority Policy, Reserves Policy, and Observer Guidelines when attending ACA Board meetings.

Prior to the meeting, the Board self-assessed their performance as a whole and against each individual director. Overall the Board was very happy with its performance, with directors on average scoring the Board over 4 out of 5 in 13 of 19 areas. The areas which needed focus were discussed further during the meeting with suggestions to improve.

We are exploring options to update the ACA offices and the next Board meeting is scheduled for November in Sydney prior to the conference.


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