A meeting of the ACA Board was held on Saturday 11th November 2017 in Sydney and Chairman Dean Wall provides this summary to the ACA membership:

The Board on behalf of the ACA members extends its thanks to director Allan Sterling who retires from the Board after three years’ service. It’s been another active year for the Board who continues to ensure that it meets all its internal and external compliance requirements by ensuring good governance is in place for the benefit of the membership.

Highlights of these efforts include:

  • All of our Board and Sub Committee Charters reviewed and updated
  • 14 current policies reviewed and approved
  • Six new policies developed and approved
  • Board performance self-assessment undertaken
  • An Internal and External Financial Audit undertaken
  • Board meeting observer guidelines and formal election process of the chairperson approved
  • Annual self-assessment of income tax exemption
  • Risk framework reviewed encompassing review of strategic. objectives/associated risks, internal controls, residual risk and risk appetite
  • Reviewed and approved Board evaluation questionnaire and oversaw the annual performance review for the ACA Board and the individual Directors.

The ACA operates its financial year on the calendar year and year to date, I am pleased to note that we are ahead of our targeted budget, but do expect to still make a loss in 2017. However, at this meeting, the Board approved the 2018 budget which next year returns to an expected surplus position.

The Board approved two new industry focussed awards with the Best Project Award set to recognise industry projects that showcase excellence in corrosion mitigation and the Innovation Award is to recognise innovation excellence in corrosion mitigation. Details will be announced early 2018 and it will be a great opportunity for our members to promote their great work in the field.

On behalf of the Board, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you all at the many ACA events in 2018.

Dean Wall

ACA Chairman


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