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Corrosion and Prevention is the largest Corrosion Conference and Exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere.

The next Conference will be from the  24th -27th November 2019 in Melbourne.

Submissions are now welcome on all aspects of corrosion and its control for Corrosion & Prevention 2019 (C&P2019). Papers are subject to peer review and if accepted will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Close of Abstracts: Monday 25 March 2019

Acceptance of Abstracts: Monday 15 April 2019

Receipt of Papers: Monday 3 June 2019

We have a new process in 2019 for Abstracts & Paper Submissions.

Guide to Submission

  • Papers submitted to the C&P2019 Conference must be unpublished works
  • It is the responsibility of the author to obtain necessary clearance/permission from their organisation
  • Copyright of the paper is assigned to the ACA
  • Abstracts should include the names of all authors, an appropriate title and a summary
  • All authors whose papers are accepted are required to attend the conference to present their paper at the Conference.

Available Corrosion Streams


  • Concrete deterioration
  • Reinforcement corrosion
  • Concrete coatings & repair
  • Cathodic protection of reinforcement

Steel Corrosion

  • Coating of steel structures
  • Cathodic Protection of steel structures
  • Steel in a marine environment

Water Infrastructure

  • Pipe corrosion and Condition Assessment
  • Water Treatment Plant & Waste Water Treatment Plant Corrosion

Oil & Gas

  • Cathodic protection of pipelines
  • Refinery issues
  • Marine structures

High temperature corrosion

Non-ferrous metal corrosion

Asset Management

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Steel


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