The ACA NSW Branch hosted a unique Q&A webinar session on cathodic protection of steel-reinforced concrete structures, featuring six industry-leading guest speakers. Our guest panel discuss impressed current, hybrid, and sacrificial CP systems as well as some related topics submitted by the audience.


David Whitmore (Vector Corrosion Technologies)
President & Chief Innovation Officer
Winnipeg, Canada

Philip Karajayli (AECOM)
Associate Director – Asset Management
Sydney, NSW

Frank Papworth (BCRC/PCTE)
Director & Principal Engineer
Perth, WA

John Grapiglia (CCE)
Regional Manager & Principal Engineer
Perth, WA

Ian Godson (Infracorr)
Director & Principal Engineer
Melbourne, VIC

Bruce Ackland (Bruce Ackland and Associates)
Principal Corrosion Consultant
Melbourne, VIC


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