The ACA’s premier industry event of the year, Corrosion and Prevention 2018, is in the final stages of preparation and finalisation. We look forward to great support from our member and volunteer communities for the conference – as you know, it will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia from 11-14 November 2018.
The 2018 program is finalised and has been advertised to the ACA and wider community.
We seek your continued support to champion our conference with your colleagues and professional acquaintances. We are introducing a number of innovations this year, including a Learning Centre where attendees can hear specialists discuss specific topics over lunch.

We are very lucky to have access to our dedicated band of volunteers who contribute enormously to the conduct of the conference. The conference technical committee, has worked diligently to assess the technical papers that have been submitted. Our program is strong and a reflection of the work undertaken by the committee and indeed contributors who prepared the papers.

Our sponsors are tremendous supporters of the conference – Jotun is again our major sponsor and we are grateful for their continued support. Our supporting sponsors – 3CCC, Russell Fraser Sales – contribute to the success of the conference through providing support and visibility to their companies and products. Similarly, our generous sponsors who contribute time and energy to supporting various conference functions contribute to the success of these events.
A big thank you to the companies that have taken a booth at the conference. Your financial support and energy allows the conference to attract attendees and interest and without you, the conference would not be the success that it surely will be.

On other matters, the Board recently appointed Mr Michael Werle as a director of the ACA. Michael will fill the role of non-executive director (non-member) created by resignation of Mr Chris Badger. An introduction to Michael can be found in this edition of C&M. The Board is very pleased with skills and experiences Michael will bring to Board discussions.
We are getting a march on preparation and planning of our key Technical Group events for 2019 along with the training calendar for 2019. Both were prepared in September and distributed to the membership and relevant people for input and comment. The ACA training calendar for 2019 is again extensive – our training programs as you know are vitally important to the continued strength of the ACA itself. We have expanded our training team and are continuing to refine and evolve our service offering in this space to better cater for member demand.

Aligned with domestic training is our plan to expand our training footprint into new jurisdictions in South East Asia, specifically Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. We are building our knowledge of the demand for training in these countries and in 2019 will offer training in Thailand and Vietnam.

I look forward to continue to meet with you all, certainly at the conference, but also at branch events throughout Australia and New Zealand. See you in Adelaide.


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