Dear members and colleagues, we look to be coming to the end of the intense period of isolation that we’ve all been experiencing for the last few months. Our various governments have issued roadmaps as to how to conduct ourselves in the COVID-19 period. While some advice does differ, the constants still are to regularly wash your hands and continue¬†to engage in the practice of social distancing.

Our webinars are proving to be a hit within our community and have been very well received. Our collective willingness to participate via the Zoom platform in these webinars opens a door to wider engagement in the future. We’re currently conducting a short, five-minute survey regarding the webinars and would love to hear your input on how to best use this technology moving forward.

We would like to remind everyone that the ACA Annual General Meeting is next week and will be conducted online. You can register for the meeting on the website, as well as download a proxy form or the newly released annual report.

We conducted our second blended CIP1 course this week from the studio at our Melbourne premises. We’ll conduct another CIP1 course in June and our first CIP2 course in June also. We are hopeful that we’ll be in a position to conduct face to face courses in the short to medium term.

As you would expect, the Board has been meeting regularly in these difficult times to work with management on the business and to ensure we are in the best place we can be once COVID-19 isn’t as prevalent as it is currently. But make no mistake, the Association has seen a very significant reduction in its revenue over the last eight weeks and we’ve had to make some difficult decisions to protect the organisation and its reserves.

One such decision was not to produce the May edition of C&M, given the need to protect our reserves in the pandemic period. The Board has subsequently made the decision to postpone production of the August and November editions of the C&M journal in 2020. Instead, we will continue to produce and upload content to the ACA website. We urge you to regularly access the website, where new articles, technical papers, case studies, webinars, videos and other technical and commercial material is continually being uploaded. If you have content that you think would be of value to your colleagues, do not hesitate to contact the ACA. We ask that you continue to login to the website, register for training courses and online webinars, pay your membership fees and contribute to our Australasian corrosion community in these uncertain times.

Dean Wall
Richard Reilly
Chief Executive


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