The printed journal is now ‘opt-in’ for all members. We are happy to send you a printed copy, just complete or update the address details and we will send you your year’s supply of Corrosion & Materials Journal.

If you are happy to read the journal online you don’t have to do anything.

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If you are not a member and you want a copy of the printer C&M journal you can buy it here.

We will start to make some changes to Corrosion & Materials (C&M) this year, with C&M moving to more of a Technical Journal (most things technical), with mainly non-technical content (Branch News, Technical group event reviews, Industry News) going to the ACA website and social media platforms we use.

The February and November Issues will still contain the Corrosion & Prevention Conference and Exhibition details (review and program details).

The advertising in C&M will remain the same, with no price increase for 2019 and eventually we will also have similar ads featured in C&M replicated online on our website etc.

We are also looking to reduce print copies. Currently every member receives a printed copy of C&M and Corporate members get multiple copies for various office sites etc., which can invariably lead to waste. For members who do not want to receive a print copy and would prefer to read C&M digitally – we will now use a Flipp Book to make online reading easier.


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