The ACA is constantly striving to deliver a high level of service to our diverse membership base. We thank our members for their continued support for our training courses, events, and functions. In order to continue to provide extensive benefits to ACA members, the ACA will be implementing changes to the training course registration process.

2019 Membership.

In 2019, a course attendee will need to be an ACA member, either as an individual member, student member or a listed corporate representative member. It will be necessary to sign in online to your ACA membership prior to registering for a course.

Why is the ACA making this change?

The ACA is a membership based organisation run for the benefit of its members. By introducing mandatory membership on training course registrations, the ACA can better meet member needs by offering tailored information, continuing to offer great branch events (often free for members),  informative technical events and of course, high quality educational courses.

A  benefit of this change is that as a member, you will now be able to access and view the training courses you have attended, along with dates and location. If you attended an ACA course, you will have access to your course grades and certificate number. This means no more searching around when updating your CV or when requiring proof of training undertaken. Additionally, next year we will be introducing a number of new online courses.

This change helps the ACA comply with new privacy laws, giving members complete control over your information and how it is used.

How does this affect me?

If you are already an ACA individual member or a listed representative on a corporate membership you are not affected by this change and you are not required to do anything further.

If you are not currently an ACA individual member or a listed corporate member representative and would like to attend any of the training courses offered by the ACA (including NACE courses), you will need to sign up online as an ACA individual member or have your name added as a listed representative to your company’s corporate membership.

For more information on membership benefits, fees and application, please see our membership benefits.

We thank you for your continued support in 2019.


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