The ACA Applicators and Coatings Technical Groups are excited to announce our QLD Roadshow visiting Gladstone and Mackay on June 2nd and June 4th, respectively.

Day One of our roadshow, Protective Coatings – Solutions and Innovations, in Gladstone, will focus on new infrastructure to include general coatings, corrosion under insulation and fireproofing.

Day Two, Protective Coatings – Maintaining Durability, in Mackay, will be focusing on ageing infrastructure and contractors engaged in traditional methods of surface preparation and coatings.

Both of these events will feature a series of presentations from a selection of guest presenters, an exhibition from a number of our Corporate Partners in the Coatings industry as well as an outdoor demonstration of some of the latest equipment for Coatings Professionals. We’re excited to announce the full details of the event including the timetable and registration details very shortly, but in the meantime make sure to save the date.

We still have a limited number of presenter and sponsor opportunities available for both of these events and will still be accepting abstracts from potential speakers until Tuesday 06, April.

To learn more about what presenting at one of these events entails, you can download a Speaker Info Form Below.

If you’re interested in Presenting please submit your details and an abstract here. We will be taking submissions until Tuesday 06, April.

If you’d like to get involved either sponsoring or exhibiting at one of these events, you can register your interest here and we’ll follow up with more details on the opportunities still available.

Group Overview

This event is being held by the Coatings Technical Group with the support of the Applicator Technical Group. Presentations are to be relevant to the Mission Statement of either group.

Coatings Technical Group

To share ideas, project studies, technologies and market trends amongst asset owners, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and equipment providers to the protective coating industry that serve the protection or restoration of corrosion affected structures throughout Australasia including New Zealand.

Our group assists society in managing the impact of corrosion on asset durability. The industries we serve provide great opportunities to provide better durability of public and private infrastructure.

We aim to provide a forum to bring these industries together in order to;

  • Raise awareness of new technologies or application techniques,
  • Support awareness and need for Specification development specific to protective coatings projects,
  • Maintain and develop new Standards where relevant,
  • Support training opportunities for specifiers, project managers and quality technicians,
  • Support sponsorship programs and awards to encourage better awareness of the coating and coating equipment.

Applicators Technical Group

The ACA Applicators Technical Group aims to represent the needs of specialist contractors in industries that serve the protection or restoration of corrosion affected structures throughout Australasia including New Zealand. These include companies and individuals in; concrete protection, applied concrete floor finishes, concrete repair, hazardous coating removal, surface preparation and coating application.

Event Details

Welcome Drinks Gladstone1st June – EveningTBC, Gladstone
Gladstone Technical Event – Protective Coatings – Solutions and Innovations2nd JuneThe Mercure Hotel Gladstone
Travel Day and Welcome Drinks Mackay3rd June – EveningTBC, Mackay
Mackay Technical Event – Protective Coatings – Maintaining Durability4th JuneThe Ocean International Mackay


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