This webinar features speakers discussing some of the key challenges that corrosion can present and the methods that can be used to protect key structures. Organised by the ACA VIC Branch, discussions include the work undertaken to prevent the degradation of iconic Australian landmarks including Laser Cleaning using powerful ultrashort Pulse lasers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Dr. Ludovic Rapp (Laser Physics Centre – Australian National University and CP based Repair of the Sydney Opera House from Ian Godson (Infracorr).


Dr. Ludovic Rapp – Research Fellow at Laser Physics Centre (LPC) Australian National University (ANU)

Laser cleaning efficiency with powerful ultrashort pulse lasers for large-scale industrial applications

Dr Ludovic Rapp is a Research Fellow at Laser Physics Centre (LPC) at the Australian National University (ANU). Ludovic has a strong background in ultra-fast laser interaction with matter, ultra-fast micromachining and expertise in beam shaping. His research work at ANU developing an ultrafast laser induced confined microexplosion method led to the discovery of two new high-density phases of Silicon, published in Nature Communications. His research interest also includes nanostructures, chemistry, as well as crystallography.

Ian Godson – Director and Principal Engineer (Infracorr)

CP based repair of the Sydney Opera House

Ian Godson, the Managing Director, Principal Consultant and founder of Infracorr Consulting, has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of infrastructure remedial engineering, including condition assessment, remedial design and cathodic protection design and installation. As well as his extensive experience with Cathodic Protection and condition assessment, Ian has a long history of involvement in Design for Durability. Major projects he has been involved in include the Port Capacity Project (Webb Dock), the Sydney Opera House Substructure, and the City Link Bridge Structures.

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M Brodribb PTY LTD are AC & DC Power Conversion Specialists and our featured partners for this event, as well as long term supporters of the ACA and the VIC Branch. MB designs and builds power conversion systems for resource, electricity transmission & distribution, defence and infrastructure markets. They build and service battery chargers, cathodic protection rectifiers and power & instrument transformers to standard and customer requirements. Their consulting engineers provide bespoke design and manufacturing service for a range of industrial battery chargers, rectifiers and transformers.

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