Over the past month much has changed at the ACA and one of the board decisions is that we will not be producing Corrosion & Materials in hard copy for the remainder of this year.

In conjunction with the Editors and Committee we will be producing the same great content in an online format

Short article guidelines

Do you have an article you would like published?

Examples are:

  • Technical Notes
  • Project Profiles
  • Practical Pieces
  • University Activities

Article construction

Please use headings and subheadings. For more detail please see this article.

How many words?

Between 300 and 1500 words


We will need at least one high resolution photo.

Facts, jargon and Opinion

An article must be based upon soundly based factual evidence.

Jargon should be avoided as you are talking to a wide audience

An article is not a review; that is, it should be concerned with a specific point of interest to the reader and not be just a source of information covering a wider field. References should be restricted.

Commercial References

An article must not be overtly commercial, i.e. a project profile or a technical note does provide an opportunity to publicise an organisation or a product, but the name of that organisation or product should not appear more than once or at the most twice in the course of the article

Sponsored Content

The website offers an opportunity for Gold, Platinum and Diamond members to have a commercial review in our Sponsored section. This is not peer reviewed and company logos, contact details are allowed

Submission of Articles

Articles are sought and solicited by members of the editorial staff. All submitted articles are welcomed, and will be reviewed by an editorial committee, primarily to assist the authors to meet the aims of Corrosion & Materials, to provide interesting, factually based information and news to the corrosion community.

Authors will generally be given the opportunity to discuss with the editorial panel the reasons why the Panel suggest modifications to the submitted piece of work.


The article will appear under your name and attached to your author profile in the peer reviewed Corrosion and Materials category

Where you see this logo on our website the article has been though rigorous ACA Expert peer review.

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