This paper discusses the problems and mitigation of CUI in the Petrochemical industry as it was thirty years ago. With increased requirement for insulation since then the problem has only become more serious.

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Corrosion under Insulation is a nagging high cost problem in the petrochemical industry.Typical mechanisms  are explained and preventative measures outlined.

Author: C H O’Malley
Company : Altona Petrochemical Company
First published at the 27th ACA Corrosion Conference in 1987
Corrosion Under Insulation | Causes, Detection and Prevention

Costs of CUI

In Australia, the yearly cost of asset maintenance is estimated to be approximately $32 billion. Avoidable corrosion damage, such as CUI, accounts for $8 billion of this and continues to have a major economic impact on industry and the wider community. Each year around the world there are hundreds of failures and incidents – to varying degrees of severity – caused by CUI.

In Europe Corrosion Under Insulation in ageing pipelines accounts for 20% of the major oil and gas incidents reported within the EU since 1984 . Many assets in the North Sea are operating beyond their expected design life and 60% of pipe failures are caused by CUI. The Corrosion Challenge has been setup by the The Oil & Gas Technology Centre looking for innovative ideas and concepts to predict, detect, inspect, and mitigate CUI.
It will enhance safety, improve production efficiency and help us unlock the full potential of the UKCS.

There is over a one million pounds available for investment in new ideas

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