As The Corrosion and Prevention 2021 Conference has been postponed to February 13, 2022, we have decided to extend the Scholarship Application Deadline to November 17th, 2021.

The Australasian Corrosion Association and the ACA Foundation are offering a whopping 25 scholarships valued at over 50,000 dollars! We’re incredibly grateful that with the support of the ACA Foundation and the generous contributions of some of our corporate partners, we can continue to support the growth of our Corrosion Community and provide professional development opportunities for our members old and new.

Our scholarships give the opportunity for recipients to attend the ACA Corrosion and Prevention Conference or attend Training Courses administered by The ACA. For more details on each of the scholarships available, see the table below and be sure to check out the individual info packs for each scholarship offering to get the full details of each scholarship.

The submission deadline for all of the scholarships is now the 17th of November, 2021. So make sure you’ve made your submission on time as the Submission Portal will close from this time.

Scholarship Supporters

Available Scholarships

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Past Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

“The entire journey was a learning experience for me and an opportunity to see the latest findings in this particular industry, meet the passionate worldwide experts and network with industry leaders” – Javad Nadem (SMEC), 2019 ACA QLD Branch Conference Attendee Scholarship Recipient.

“I attended some great presentations, there was a wide variety of topics meaning there were plenty of opportunities to learn something new.” – Rhiannon Easdon (Woodside), 2019 Denso Professional Conference Attendee Scholarship Recipient.

Submission Guidelines

To simplify the application process and make it easier to apply for multiple scholarships that you may be eligible for (without having to submit an excessive number of applications) we have divided our 2021 scholarships in to four distinct scholarship types based on matching submission criteria. Each of these four scholarship types requires the submission of a matching form with your application and each of these scholarship application forms are listed below. Please make sure you check you that have completed the correct application form for the scholarship type you’re applying for.

During the application submission step, located at the bottom of this page, there is a simple drop down option that will allow you to apply for all scholarships that match the form you’re submitting, so you won’t need to fill out more than one copy of each distinct form, as a single form can be used to apply for all scholarships of the same type. You will however, if applying for more than one type of scholarship, need to submit a unique application with the matching form for each submission type. If you would only like to apply for a certain scholarship and not for others despite the matching scholarship type, you can instead select scholarships individually during the submission step under the “Choose The Scholarships You’d Like to Apply For” drop down option.

For reference, you can check the Table of Available Scholarships to make sure you’ve filled out the correct form. You are welcome and by all means encouraged to apply for multiple scholarships types, just make sure you’re making a separate application for each of the four types of scholarship. For example, if you’re a final year student who’s interested in the Denso and Infracorr Student Conference Attendance Scholarships but also the Denso Training Scholarships, make sure to complete an application using form 1 for the Student Conference Attendance Scholarships and a separate application using form 4 for the Training Scholarships.

Please note, that the submission criteria, which dictates which form you’ll need to submit with your application (the information we need from you) and the eligibility criteria (who’s eligible to receive the scholarship) are not necessarily the same, so you will only be considered for scholarships that you are eligible for.

Application Forms

Final Year Student Conference Attendance Scholarship (Form 1)

Valid For
– Infracorr Final Year Conference Attendance Scholarship
– Denso Final Year Conference Attendance Scholarship

ACA Conference Attendance Scholarship Form (Form 2)

Valid For
– ACA Professional Conference Attendance Scholarship
– YCG Conference Attendance Scholarship
– Denso Professional Conference Attendance Scholarship
– UCC Professional Conference Attendance Scholarship

Training OR Conference Attendance Scholarship (Form 3)

Valid For
– Centurion Conference Attendance or Training Scholarship
– Wayne Burns Conference Attendance or Training Scholarship
– Phoenix Conference Attendance or Training Scholarship (NZ applicants only)

Training Attendance Scholarship Form (Form 4)

Valid For
– Denso Training Scholarship 1
– Denso Training Scholarship 2


Please make sure to read the submission instructions and the details provided in the info pack carefully. If you have any questions about these scholarship offerings that haven’t been addressed, please email them to and make sure to include the scholarship you’re enquiring about in the subject line.

Application Submissions Closing In


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