The 2019 ACA Awards Evening saw the Inaugural Golden Trowel, proudly sponsored by McEllignott Partners, being awarded to National Concrete Solution’s, Jamie Fenton.

Proudly Sponsored by McElligotts

Jamie has surpassed 10 years of service with National Concrete Solutions and over 20 years broadly in the concrete industry, leading the way in innovation, training, and ensuring quality outcomes are met for his clients. 

Jamie has, on a number of occasions, received awards internally. The continual recognition from his peers highlights the value that he drives in his role and to those around him. 

Jamie’s commitment is not only demonstrated in the quality of his work, but the innovation he continually demonstrates in developing and building equipment that assists in various remediation methods, including but not limited to; mapping devices to assist when quoting jobs, the application of Spraying Specialist Repair Mortars and a spray device for Concrete Repair Coating Systems on the inside of concrete pipes. 

His contribution to not only his clients but to his wider team in the depth of knowledge and experience in all concrete remediation methods and practices, his problem solving nature with clients for their concrete assets to result in a solution and the manner in which he delivers knowledge and his work ensures he stands out and is a key member of his team.

National Concrete Solutions Managing Director, Rob Godson describes Jamie as a “passionate member of the team, with a commitment to not only develop and learn more for himself but to share and impart his learnings onto those around him.  A true team player that contributes a depth of knowledge and experience whilst engaging with clients to problem solve coming up with a solution that will gain the outcomes they are looking to achieve”.

Jamie has lent his expertise and experience on some very large and intricate jobs over the years, namely, Wilmar Sugar Stack, Ingham. Jamie was instrumental in the successful remediation works on a 66m high concrete boiler stack at the Victoria Mill. Spending 5 months with a team, treating the internal and external surfaces of stack, Jamie ensured works completed to the highest standard, safety was at the forefront and environmental factors were considered when mobilising and de-mobolising.

A recent project Jamie led was in regional NSW. Undertaking all initial training of all repair technicians of the repair solution specified, Jamie led the multiple teams over a vast geographical area on over 200 concrete assets to ensure quality workmanship, efficiency and client satisfaction. His ability to work with site supervisors, manage safety requirements and keep client’s informed of daily schedules was critical to ensure a successful completed maintenance period.

Jamie was humbled to receive the inaugural award and truly surprised and grateful of being recognized within the industry that he feels has given him so much. 


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