Day Two

The second day of the Symposium had a strong industry focus. Corrosion management in the Oil & Gas industry was at the heart of the morning session. Topics covered included: Corrosion Monitoring for Oil & Gas Applications; MIC – lessons learned and challenges for the future; and, Recent Advances in Investigating Chemical Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion.

The afternoon sessions shifted to corrosion in the water and wastewater industry, with presenters sharing the latest industry knowledge on topics including: Corrosion of Cast Iron Water Mains; Degradation of Plastic Pipes in the Water Industry; and Advances in Condition Assessment of Water Industry Assets. Following the presentations, of course was the panel discussion and open forum, chaired by the ACA’s Technical Committee.

The Symposium concluded in typical ACA style with a Networking Farewell Cocktail Function, providing an opportunity for further discussions and a chance for old friends to say goodbye, until they meet again at Corrosion & Prevention 2019, this year in Melbourne

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