Internet Explorer and Edge Legacy

Dead Not Resting

If you are using either Internet Explorer or Edge Legacy browsers the site probably look horrible. These browsers don’t comply with any modern web standards and have serious security problems which compound daily as they are no longer supported my Microsoft.

Edge Legacy support will end in March 2021

Please upgrade to a new web browser

We support all recent web browsers. They are free to download and use. The main differences between them is the extent to which they conform to web standards. Much like the corrosion industry the internet is built on standards. We do our best to meet the standards offering a rich html5 experience across all platforms while preserving your privacy and security.

Microsoft Edge

This is shipped with all new Windows computers. A recent upgrade has changed the engine behind Edge to the Mozilla engine. This brings it inline with all other browsers supporting web standards. If you like Internet Explorer this should be an easy change.

Google Chrome

Used by a large proportion of people on the Internet . It needs a fairly powerful computer if you are going to use multiple tabs.
By default Google knows what you are up to on the web. If you are concerned about privacy either check the privacy settings or choose another browser. Compliant with most web standards

Mozilla Firefox

Has its origins in Netscape 4 and is the engine behind all other browsers which use the Mozilla engine. Firefox, by default is set to a high privacy mode. Until recently it was a little slower than Chrome but recent upgrades have brought it on par with Chrome. If you are concerned about privacy this is the browser for you.


Is partly complaint with recent web standards but tends to lag behind other browsers in operability. It should work fine on this site but some advanced features may struggle

Mobile Browsers

This site works on mobile devices. We do our best to keep the size of images and files low to make it easier for those of you in remote locations on poor connections.


We will be running more member only livestreams and videos . We use a html5 client and livestream in 720P . This is not full HD ( don’t even think about 4K) as we want as many people as possible to be able to watch. if you miss the stream it will be recorded and made available to members once logged in.


The The Australasian Corrosion Association Inc. website is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please use a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari for the best experience.