ACA members, colleges, volunteers and friends, it is my pleasure to serve the Australasian Corrosion Association as National President for 2019. It is an honour to be the Association’s first female President, particularly
as currently there are three female Branch Presidents: Patricia Shaw in New Zealand, Hannah Watchman in South Australia and Candice Blackney in Victoria. This is great for diversity and inclusion in our field, as it encompasses many and various technical backgrounds, people, projects and workplaces. There is not an industry, a profession, or place that corrosion does not influence. It is my hope that our collective leadership will encourage others to join and participate in our association and pave the way for future generations, whatever profession they choose.
I look forward to seeing many of you in Melbourne this November at our annual conference. The 2012 Melbourne conference was my first ACA conference and I know that Corrosion & Prevention 2019 will prove to be just as friendly, fascinating and fun for conference attendees, partners, exhibitors and sponsors.
Each year, like a fine wine, the conference gets better – this year will prove no exception. Last year enthralled attendees with the first Applicators Field Day and this year I look forward to both the new and time-honoured traditions. This year we will be hosting a Women in Corrosion Breakfast, featuring inspiring women within our industry.

In Adelaide last year you may have noticed a few new small corrosionists at the conference. Although they are too young to understand our fascination will all things rusty, we are encouraging parents of children not to miss out on the conference by providing extra resources to make the conference more parent and children friendly.
I would like to finish by acknowledging and extending my heartfelt thanks to those of you that make our association what it is today. To the volunteers who make up the branches and offer their time to help the association with everything from organising events, writing technical articles and educating others, to reviewing conference papers and everything in between. These member-volunteers along with the Board of Directors and those at Head Office work to keep our community connected, flourishing and at the forefront of corrosion mitigation and prevention.
Jess Lyndon


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