The ACA Protective Coatings Technical Group in collaboration with the ACA Applicators Technical Group hosted two events as part of their Central Queensland Roadshow. One in Gladstone, the other in Mackay, both important industrial centres. At the last minute, the ACA Victorian delegates and speakers were locked down, leaving precious little time to prepare remote based speakers. However, the ACA centre were able to get things up and running allowing around 35 delegates in Gladstone to enjoy a day of learning about coating and associated technologies and innovations.

Mackay saw another 45 delegates enjoy a day of learning about coatings and durability engineering. Subject matter included thermally tolerant applications, culvert linings, concrete rehabilitation coatings, corrosion basics, the science behind galvanising, the development of marine asset liners and many more.

The BlastOne team held an outdoor demonstration of their verti-drive system, robotic coating systems and an exciting development in training, a virtual reality blasting and coating system. Some old and new hands had a go with varying results.

A highlight of the events was the social interaction, many agreed it was one aspect they’d missed over the last year. With these sort of events, the learning does not only happen in the sessions, but afterwards as well, where many friendships were made and old ones fostered.

Well done to Lachlan Sebbens at the ACA for pulling this together under trying circumstances, Justin Rigby and his Technical Group for initiating it, Mike Rutherford and Wayne Thomson for ensuring it ran as best as it could. Thanks to all our delegates for their attendance and contributions throughout each day. Thanks to our fantastic speakers Justin Rigby – Principal (Remedy Asset Protection), Mike Rutherford – Principal (Conspectus), Ian Squire – Head Teacher (TAFE NSW), Tim Billing – National Proposals Manager (National Concrete Solutions), Wayne Thomson – Managing Director (PFP Systems), Ian Godson – Director and Principal Engineer (Infracorr), David Harrison – Market & Specifications Engineer (Galvanising Association of Australia), Max Simmons – Managing Director (Epimax), David Anderson – Sales Manager (Universal Corrosion Coatings), Jamie O’Brien – Country Cluster Sales Manager – Australia, New Zealand & PNG, Marine & Protective Coatings (AkzoNobel) and Scott Logan – Infrastructure Maintenance Superintendent – Protective Coatings and Structural Maintenance (Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd.) (Mackay Only).

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fantastic event sponsors, we’re incredibly grateful for their support of the ACA Protective Coatings and Applicators Technical groups.

Major Sponsor – Gladstone and Mackay

Major Sponsor – Mackay

Featured Outdoor Demos – Gladstone and Mackay

Supporting Sponsors – Gladstone and Mackay

Supporting Sponsors – Gladstone and Mackay


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