Rana is an active long time member of the ACA and an ACA Corrosion Technologist.
She lives and works in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory with her partner Paul Oldam; she is also extremely busy with multiple projects and two demanding toddlers.

More remote than most…

The Elevator Pitch

We at Everett Consulting, mainly do mechanical engineering and corrosion consulting, including welding inspections. We certify vehicle modifications, site equipment, carry out independent corrosion prevention assessments and facilitate coatings inspections.

How long have you been (rather tragically) interested in corrosion? 

Corrosion is far from a boring field! I was surprised that it was a specialised industry from my early days in engineering study, and joined the ACA back then as a student. 

The ACA supported me several times as a student to attend events. I am forever thankful! It still surprises me when I’m asked to create a supporting document that is to be taken as independent. I appreciate there is work for me in this area.

How much has your work and life changed during Covid 19?

We have not been that affected by COVID19 in the Northern Territory so that is great, but I am juggling the needs of a newborn and a 1 year old. Staying calm is the plan!

Ask a busy person…

My work is busy with two engineering reports at the same time, progress with legal advice for a contract proposal that I want to pursue with a company here which is exciting for us, mid-way through another attempt to start going for chartered with E/Australia and supporting my partner with a report for a repairable write-off re-registration of a truck for a panel beater.

What story do you tell at parties that makes peoples’ eyes glaze over?

 When I do my 30 second business pitch when they ask me what I do.  I know I don’t need to say any more at that point.

Tell us about a recent corrosion project

My last corrosion based project was advising on the design of aluminium water tanks’ roofs to remote indigenous communities to prevent corrosion at the consultation stage of the project, so no photos.

Then there was premature corrosion on a fishing vessel’s stainless steel drive shaft.

This occurred because welds had been overlaid to fill the previous pitting holes (unbeknown to the owner who thought he had been sold a new shaft 5 years earlier) creating hemispherical pits.  There was a lack of maintenance and the temperature sensor earth wire had broken off causing stray current corrosion.  Marine organisms had not been routinely removed so there was stagnant seawater in the stern tube seal caused by an inadequate flow of flushing water.

Enhanced photo


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