In 2021 we are launching a new ACA Presenter Database, to collate a growing reference list of experts on a broad range of topics that will be made available to our various organising committees in their efforts to identify interesting speakers for various ACA Events and Webinars.

If you have expertise that you’d like to share with our community, we encourage you to sign up for our speaker directory, so that we can reach out to you when putting together programs in the future.

Benefits of Presenting

Our Branch and Technical Events and Webinars are attended by a wide array of professionals and students from all across the broader corrosion community. These activities are a premier opportunity for attendees to learn, network and discover new products and practices. As a key method for the dissemination of technical information on Corrosion Mitigation in the Australasia region, they are at the heart of what we do as an association. With the growth in popularity of our webinars, our audience is expanding to include interested students, stakeholders and decision-makers from all around the world.

Our speakers are invited by Branch and Technical Committees as they are determined to have the requisite qualifications to speak as an authority on their topic of expertise, so presenting at one of these events can help grow your personal and professional profile and assist in building important connections with our audience. By accepting a role as a presenter at one of our events you will have the opportunity to share your research, findings and expertise with our attendees, giving back to the community and burnishing the reputation of yourself and your organisation.

If you’re interested in being added to our database, we’d be incredibly grateful if you could submit your details at the link below.

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