A recent KPMG report released slams the poor asset management of the Rottnest Island Army Jetty.
Tourism Minister Paul Papalia told Parliament today management of the jetty “left a lot to be desired”.

Rottnest Island’s Army Jetty, which collapsed injuring three people in October 2018, was poorly managed and the island’s governing authority appeared not to have properly responded, when risk issues were raised numerous times, a KPMG review has found.

It also found the RIA’s lack of clarity over responsibility for maintenance of the jetty, which was licensed to the Department of Transport, “directly impacted decision making in relation to maintenance of the Army Jetty on at least one occasion”.

The authority created an Asset Management Policy in 2016, but the report said it was not put into practice in relation to the Army Jetty.

KPMG noted, that not only could the RIA show proof of only one inspection in the period between October 2014 and the accident, but that any inspections from 2010 onwards were “largely limited to visual in nature”.

Images of the Pier


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