MILES of PILES: A Symposium on the Care and Maintenance of Marine Piles

The marine environment is one of the harshest settings in terms of causing the corrosion of metal structures and components. The webinar organised by the Victorian Branch of the Australasian Corrosion Association focuses on marine coatings and technology to minimise problems caused by the corrosion of marine structures. We heard from three leading industry experts, Peter Dove (GHD), Kyle Fortune (Denso) and David Anderson (UCC) on issues and recent advances in this important area.

Corrosion Challenges Report

In 2010 the ACA produced a report on the impact of failure of infrastructure assets through corrosion as a result of current practices and skilling in the Australian mainland urban water and Naval defence sectors. The objective of this project is to examine, identify and estimate corrosion failure costs attributable to industry practices, industry skilling and regulatory frameworks, and estimate potential corrosion failure cost reductions by implementing avoidable/preventable strategies.


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